About Us

We Vision to exist in a world that is free from child centered challenges and a self reliant community that is able to overcome problems of poverty, drugs and substance abuse through Advocacy, religious morals and teachings.

We Mission to Mobilize and equip children from major slums in Africa about challenges facing them that include but not limited to poverty, Child rights, HIV/AIDS drugs and substance abuse so as to create a world fit for them


• To contribute to the reduction of substance abuse and related violence among children through advocacy programs by intensifying peer education intervention response in east and central Africa.

• To conduct in research related to drugs and substance abuse with regards to children in east and central Africa.

• This project is about saving lives and freeing children and young persons from the bondage of drugs, alcohol and related violence.

• To create Empowerment training and opportunity to those that have gone through rehabilitee’s so that they do not go back to engage in drug and substance abuse activities


Community outreach

 Enhance our School mentorship program through our interschool community outreach targeting young children and youths

 Conduct forums for secondary school outreach program targeting young girls and youths in the slum about drugs.

Nina Haki Toto club

 Enhance our primary school children rights awareness outreach program targeting young children in the slum about their rights and drugs.

 Monitoring our children rescued from different forms of abuses with our program through our program in order to reduce cases of child abuse and creating child right awareness within their environments.

Drug awareness and Rehabilitation Program

 Continue monitoring our rehabilitated street children, Teaches and students in the rehabilitation awareness program from the referrals we have made.

O.V.C and Youth program

 Maintain health of O.V.C’s and street children with food through supply food in the food program from our partner organizations.

 To integrate HIV/AIDS O.V.C’s and street children in normal social life by offering co curriculum activities and counseling.

 To support O.V.C's and street children acquire basic education (both primary and secondary) and vocational skills by referring them to our partner organization we work with, others we have looked for well-wishers to pay for them school fees, which we are encouraging more and more since many of them do well in school but do not further their education due to lack of school fees

Capacity building and Network and liaison

 Conduct trainings for trainers of trainers (TOT) for students as drug peer educators.

 Conduct trainings for guiding and counseling teachers for both primary and secondary school on drugs and children rights.

 Conduct seminars for youth group leaders on drug and substance abuse

 Network and liaise with like minded organization whose interests is child and youth centered

The organization is governed by professional board that comprises of seven members who are committed to the mission/vision of the organization and their ultimate goal is to ensure the right and interest of children from the slums are given the first priority

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