Thursday 26 July 2012



Started in 2006 and got registered in 2008 by George who was a street boy, slum child foundation is a non profit making organization recognized and registered under the ministry of Gender and social services in Kenya, African region. We work with the vulnerable and the marginalized members of the society in the poor urban settlements’ (slums) that include but not limited to children and youths on several issues that forms the basis of their social daily growth and development at a tender age until maturity that include but not limited to Narcotics.

With Child centered approach, S.C.F focuses on different thematic areas, generated by the high rate of poverty in these slums, including but not limited to: Poor performance in school, girl child education, teenage marriages, school dropout, teenage pregnancy, illicit drugs and substance use, child rights, HIV/AIDS, street children, crime etc.

The aim of the project, since inception has been to empower, sensitize and advocating different thematic concerns that oppresses them most ranging from drug and substance abuse (which is the main factor) HIV/AIDS, poverty alleviation and empowerment mainly the girl child, child rights, in Korogocho slum through increasing awareness and knowledge in the community, helping them network and make use of the various information we provide to them in the area.

However, in the recent past the issue of drug/substance abuse, Child right, HIV/AIDS, Illiteracy and school dropout due to school fees has been on the rise in Nairobi and the programme has been working very hard on the two thematic areas towards helping the local community cope with HIV/AIDS and drug/substance abuse in their midst. In this re-focused framework, the Programme expanded its goals and objectives to embrace Child rights, HIV/AIDS, Education and drug/substance abuse with the aim of bringing information closer to children living in Korogocho slums and the nearby slums thus enhancing support and compassion to those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS Illiteracy, and drug/substance abuse, not forgetting children who have been orphaned and are vulnerable children (O.V.C) including street children.

We have the following programs
 Community outreach
 Drug Rehabilitation awareness program
 O.V.C, Street children and youth program
 Capacity building
 Network and liaison