Exchange Programme

Exchange programme is an international program which seeks to give an opportunity to different individuals, Institutions and organization from all walks of life both locally and internationally to see the reality of the kind of life other people are going through that will help them open up their mind in one way or the other.

The founder of the organization knew no other kind of life and lifestyle apart from that of the slum but the moment he got an opportunity to visit the estates where rich people stay he started to think of another different kind of life he wanted to have in future.

So by joining us or we sending children and members of our organization to you we get to see what both of us are doing and both of us will be in a position to adopt the model that we think is appropriate for us in our work and apply it in your country and vice versa.

Secondly, enjoy various diverse cultures that are in Kenya not forgetting the amazing physical features like mount Kenya, the wild animals, the 7th wonder of the world of world beast, the coastal beach in Mombasa, the nice looking sun, the life style of children, families, schools, homes and the general living standard of the slums areas in Kenya.

We also provide placement and attachment in various fields for local and international students who really want to give back to families in Africa through our partner organizations and institutions who are based in different parts of our beloved country Kenya.

Lastly this is not only for fun but a learning experience that is why also encourage research students, institutions, and organization to be part of this noble program.

last year 2012 we were honored to host two of our friends from our partner organization in Kashmir India by the name LAKSHAY NGO.

If you are interested in partcipatin in this program just get in touch with us for more details

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