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Slum child foundation is looking for well wishers and friends of good will to help them establish school for street children that will be able to offer rehabilitation services, Education, Empowerment and at the same time develop their talents for self growth and personal development.

To achieve this the organization needs.
• A land for constructing the school
• Funds for Construction
• Rehabilitation Materials and resources
• Talent development Resources
• Empowerment Resources
• Conference resources
• Funds for Management


Drug and substance abuse has terrible consequences that include death and permanent disability which has become a cause of concern. If the concerns are not quickly addressed the slum will experience more drug related deaths, School dropout, increased crime rates, prostitution and more businesses and institutions will be closed down as no one will be willing to invest where their services will not create development economically both to the supplier and consumer, several school have been closed in central part of Kenya as a result of young men not giving birth instead they take a lot of their time in consuming illicit brew, denying wives their rights of giving birth and bringing up children.

On the other hand many deaths have been reported in different parts of the country with many going blind for using illicit brew, government of Kenya is slowly moving at a tortoise pase to take action yet they are human being losing lives and to add salt to the wound is that they are parents who have children and are looking upon them for support.

Despite the seriousness of the problem, social scientists and researchers are working hard round the clock to ensure that children are protected from this serious problem of Drug and substance abuse. This is mainly because the reasons cited by the victims and perpetrators are as diverse as their own culture. Similarly, the reasons cited by the researchers are as diverse in their fields of study.

This project targets street children in the slums of korogocho of ages 5 years to 17 years specifically within other major slums in Nairobi in Kenya, while on the other hand nature and develop their talent so that they can use them to earn a living. The age bracket of children we are targeting stand at high risk due to peer pressure from fellow street children, in schools and other environmental factors. 70% of this population resides in large slums of Kibera, Korogocho and Mathare. For instance, city of Nairobi alone with a population of 4 million, with 85% of these being youth, children and women

The peer pressure is very high in these poverty stricken areas. Street children here have their way of communication and use codes and signs that may not be easily understood by the general public. This form of communication enhances substance abuse, drug peddling & trafficking. As a result there is a lot of lawlessness among the children, illicit behavior, early pregnancies, school dropouts, robberies, suicide and sexual defilements.

Research shows that most of the children that find themselves involved in substance abuse did not know the dangers of drugs, when they got into it. They were either enticed to drug abuse for pleasure through peer pressure or were just ignorant about them.

Therefore unless we establish ultra modern drug rehabilitation and research centre to create awareness campaign for prevention and prevention parameters are put in place, more and more children will get trapped into drug addiction that will affect their psychosocial and economic main stay of our entire generation.

This project aims at creating awareness of substance abuse especially targeting children in schools located within Kenya major slums with a slogan “Be safe, Stay away from drugs”. The project will help children and young adult understand the drug culture and the manifestation of drug abuse, and the consequences which include domestic violence.

Through this proposal the organization targets to establish Korogocho street children rehabilitation and talent development centre (school for street children) that will rehabilitate, nature talents, provide care, shelter and psychosocial support to 5,000 and vulnerable children living in the streets and slums in Nairobi, strengthen 400 caregivers and build the capacity of 15,000 community members and other social systems such as children’s homes, schools and FBOs to enable them adequately care for vulnerable children. It will be implemented in Korogocho a slum which is based in Ruaraka Division, Nairobi, Kenya.

The programme aims at sensitizing stakeholders on issues of psychosocial support to enable them support and advocate for psychosocial support interventions for vulnerable children. The sensitization will aim at changing the attitude of the community towards vulnerable street children.

Part of the strategy will also involve training caregivers to become sensitive to the vulnerable children and be able to provide psychosocial support. The training will focus on what children go through after going to the streets or even after losing their parents. It will also involve forming / strengthening child rights clubs and talent developments through which children will be sensitized on the plight of street orphan and vulnerable children empowerment tactics to nature their talents.

Sustainability of the action programme outcomes is a critical target of this initiative. The programme is being implemented as a component of the slum child foundation Child Protection and development Programme through our community outreach program. Other components within this programme include the Anti narcotic projects for kids, Child Labour Project, Early childhood and development project and social mobilization project.

To achieve sustainability, community participation in the programme process will be critically emphasized. Communities in the project area have and will continue to participate in the design of the project as well as the analysis of the problem during the social investigation. Community involvement has positive implications for sustainability of the intervention. It will ensure ownership of the programme by communities, employ local knowledge and resources, and involve community members in further analysis of the problem and identification of appropriate actions in the local context. With awareness rising, attitudes are changed hence communities will have a common goal to which they will be committed. The involvement of other institutional actors such as schools, FBOs, local CBOs and government bodies will enhance the process of mobilization, and implementation, monitoring and evaluation of activities at this centre.

The other aspect of sustainability is to build a strong social support network able to care for the street vulnerable children, nature their talent and build their capacity to boost sustainability through continued monitoring.

The centre will be able to offer modernized conference facilities to members of the community who will be willing to offer trainings and workshops about drugs as a step towards project self sustainability.

Lastly programme outputs and activities will be integrated into the ongoing programme in the area. This will ensure sustainability.

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  1. this seems a bon idee for the children in the described catchment area. Iam willing to give my expertise with an objective of liberating children from misery to productive citizenship.

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